Neko Cafe List

Tokyo Neco Republic Ochanomizu Branch Address: CRANE Building, 3-1-9, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku Closest Station: JR/Marunouchi Line Ochanomizu Station Nakano Branch Address: 3F AK Building, 5-68-9, Nakano, Nakano-ku Closest Station: Meitetsu Konan Station Ikebukuro Branch Address: 4F Nakane Building, 3-27-3,Nichiikebukuro, Tokushima-ku Closest Station: Ikebukuro Station (西口 West Exit) Homepage : Machineko Address:  第二神田須田町5F, 2-8-4, Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-Ku Closest Station: Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamotocho Station A1 Exit / … Continue reading Neko Cafe List

One-time jobs in Japan

Running low on money and still a week before payday? No fear, 単発バイト (tan-patsu baito) is here to save the day. 単発バイト are one-time jobs, where in most circumstances you don't need an interview to get. These gigs are really life-savers for when you splurge too much and end up having to eat only cup-ramen till the next payday. These jobs cover many categories, mostly … Continue reading One-time jobs in Japan

Getting an Arubaito (Part-time job) in Japan

Hello there fellow gaijin, spent too much on Friday nights? Love enjoying the extra order of Chashu every time you go for Ramen? Well, as a student, those  habits are going to kill your budget pretty fast. But there’s no point to being in Japan when you can’t enjoy spending like the Japanese isn’t it. Luckily for us, we can legally work part-time jobs. Foreign … Continue reading Getting an Arubaito (Part-time job) in Japan

So you want to experience Japan?

Japan, bustling cities, tranquil countryside, breathtaking moments, calming sceneries. A country rich with culture and history. So rich that one couldn’t possible understand with a mere week-long escapade. But then what. You come here and study! One of the best ways to experience Japan is to become a student. How can you experience Japan when you don’t even understand what the Saizeriya waiter says? But … Continue reading So you want to experience Japan?